Marketing Solutions 101 offers small businesses the help they need to market and advertise their brand on the social media platforms they need to be on.

LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Nextdoor and other social media platforms provide the audience that will help determine if your business is successful or not. These platforms however, can be very confusing and time consuming if you are not familiar with them. Even if you are, it still takes time to develop your message and effectively post it on social media for the world to see.

 Companies with 1-8 employees without the time or the knowledge to promote their brands use Marketing Solutions 101 to increase brand awareness. We will work directly with you to develop marketing materials, posts and your company’s message, to create the most effective social media campaign.


Digital Marketing

Social Media

Mass Email

Brand Awareness

Clients Served

Trust In Equity Mortgage, LLC


Three Sixty Graphics

Village Insurance

Ohio First Land Title

Cleveland American Veterans Association

Pinehaven Garden Center

United Fundrasing


VNTG Place

Wyatt-DeMarco Massage Therapy & Wellness

Spike Legal Group

Medical Billing Authority

Allied Behavioral Health Services

Marketing Solutions 101 was started by Matt Prusak and Brian Bodenski:

Matt Prusak has a product marketing background with experience dealing with big box retailers and is a certified digital marketing professional. He understands the needs and wants of retailers and how manufacturers need to continue to adjust in order to keep the retail customer happy. Recently, he obtained his state license in loan origination and is currently a loan officer for Trust In Equity Mortgage Group, LLC, in Avon, OH. >

Brian Bodenski is the owner of Trust In Equity Mortgage Group and Snip-its salon in Avon, Ohio. He has been in the mortgage business for over 20 years and has had his own business since 2006. Brian weathered the storm of the 2008-2009 mortgage crisis and continues to provide and educate Ohioans on the mortgage that is right for each individual. In 2016, he purchased Snip-its Salon in Avon, OH and has run that successfully, even through difficult times like the pandemic of 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Social Media Platforms Are Used?
This is up to the customer.  We will discuss what platform is best for your business and your target audience.

Do I Have To Sign A Long Commitment?
No commitments, no contracts.  Building an effective online presence does take time, but you are not locked into any length of contract.  Final month will need paid in full.

Who Does The Graphic Design Work?
All graphic design creations are done by Matt Prusak, using Canva.  If you have a design format already in place, we can certainly use existing assets.  Matt will work with you to determine a format that you are satisfied with.  Logos, colors, font types and sizes will need to be provided up front.

What Does Marketing Solutions Do After I Become A Client?
Matt Prusak or Brian Bodenski will meet with you in the first week to go over your plans and goals.  We will agree to a slide format used in posts, gain admin access to any existing social media pages and discuss how to open any new platforms.  From there, weekly communication via email, text and/or phone will be needed to make sure you’re satisfied with posts.

About Us

If you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of getting your product and your brand noticed. You understand the need to be on social media, whether paid or free. However, you also know you’re wearing multiple hats to keep your business going day after day, so social media may not be at the top of your to do list.

Need help developing your message? Need help getting your existing message out there? We can help you. Call us and lets discuss what your needs are.

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